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Safeco 24×7 Security Services Limited’s Team are professional in every aspect. So, our motto, ” Your Safety is our Priority. “When we say, we are professional, we mean it which are given below:-

a) All our employees are cleared by their respective Police Stations and acknowledged by their area commissioners.

b) We carry full and comprehensive public liability and workmen insurance coverage.

c) All our employees are trained on Fire Fighting, First Aid, and updated Occupational Health & Safety issues.

d) We have a residential Training Centre for screening, recruitment and training purpose.

e) We have Quality Management System in place, specifically aimed at each business partner’s unique requirements rather than via a generic approach. Various initiatives, in conjunction with our business partner’s range from “Core Competencies” modules including identified effective areas, standards required, standards achieved and corrective action to “Mystery Guest” auditing whereby independent consultants audit and submit score cards.

It’s all about Safeco 24×7 Security Services Limited which is showed for our valuable clients and Staff as they know us briefly in the starting time. That’s all about us – Thank You!

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