Security Guard Service

Safeco 24×7 Security Services Limited Security Guard Service

Security Guard Service is the most common and sought after service by most of the clients. On the basis of on- site survey and risk evolution, we recommend estimated number and criteria of security guard services, which integrated with logistics and technologies, proved to be efficient in protecting interests of our client’s stakeholders. Under two main criteria, Regular and Premium, we provide round the clock Security Guard Services by:

a) Male Security Guard
b) Female Security Guard
c) Security Supervisor – both Male and Female
d) Security Inspector
e) Security Officer

Safeco 24×7 Security Services Limited employs security personnel who have the qualities of alertness, integrity, prudence, intelligence, physical fitness, good communication skills, and the ability to meet client or employer needs.

Safeco 24×7 Security Services Limited has always played a sincere role from time to time in building up the latest issues in the direction of clients through refresher training. Security forces, whether public or private, have the same purpose, and ensure the security of individuals, objects and information. Therefore, the importance of a security guard is not less important in the discharge of duties.

Safeco 24×7 Security Services Limited is committed to building their security guards through adequate training on going open issues such as a security guard does not end his duties only by wearing a uniform and standing in his responsible area. He has to be vigilant and carefully monitored in his responsible area so that misbehavior or a criminal enters his responsible area with the security guard’s attention and does not cause any loss of information, goods and life. Basically the entire activities of a security guard will be intelligence based activities. And he must be trained in the duties and duties of conducting these activities.

Safeco 24×7 Security Services Limited ensuring their clients that A Post Inspector or Post Supervisor or Security Guard must have experience in various areas including register maintenance, guest management, car parking management, access control, various types of threats and tactics, use of fire safety and fire extinguishers, earthquake safety and corrosion, archway gate, handheld metal detector, vehicle under-sourcing mirror, first aid and personal circumstances, emergency hygiene, post order, what to do at emergency situation, patrol duty, traffic control and suspects, parcels or letter identification etc.


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