Our Security Guard Activities

The guidelines that Safeco 24×7 Security Services Limited provides to their security personnel during the training period:

✅ The guard must reach the duty post 15 minutes before the duty begins.

✅ Show proper respect to the officers.

✅ The guard shall assume the duties of sticks, note book, lights, keys, etc. from the previous guard.

✅ At the commencement of duty, the guard shall know if there is any order or direction of the authority from the previous guard.

✅ In the morning at the factory gate, the worker will be instructed not to carry cigarettes, matches, mobiles etc. during entry.

✅ No worker will be able to go outside without get pass permission after the factory has started operation.

✅ The responsible guard shall properly store the file of gate passed/out side passed permission record.

✅ Maine Gate’s pocket door shall be closed for all time.

✅ When a visitor arrives from outside, the car will be confirmed through the pocket gate window and then enter the gate.

✅ Cleaner/Worker will not be able to enter with their bag.

✅ In case of a visitor, the visitor has to go in by registering the personal information with the visitor’s card and the permission of the authority.

✅ Guards must note the visitor’s in /out time in the appropriate accounts.

✅ External visitors will not tell at first whether he/she is present in the factory as he/she wants to meet the Managing Director or Manager. In order to know the identity of the visitor, action should be taken by security guard as per the directions of the authorities.

✅ At the end of lunch security guard must be informed the authority whether they (workers) enter at the right time.

✅ Worker transport vehicles must be informed at the time of 8:00 am before the factory is open.

✅ No security guard shall be allowed to leave post without the permission of the authorities.

✅ No one other than the duty guard shall be allowed to interact in the guard room.

✅ All the accounts, including the carts, sightseeing books, must be maintained exactly and shown to the authorities in accordance with the rules.

✅ The responsibility of the previous security guard will be understood correctly.

✅ While standing on duty, the guard cannot be on duty except his belt, hat, stick, flute and any part of his uniform.

✅ As soon as I arrive at duty, I will check the duty space properly.

✅ After the key is taken in the morning, the key will open and transfer the key according to direction.

✅ The alarm will be played at 9:00 am.

✅ By 9:00 am everyone (workers) will be present with their attendance card.

✅ No worker will be able to go outside without gate pass except section incharge (during working hours).

✅ After the factory is closed, all doors will lock the windows properly and transfer the keys to the authorities.

✅ If a security guard goes to another place for work, it must be reported to the office.

✅ Workers should check their bag by security guard according to the rules during the holiday time.

✅ Individual reports of out and in content should be reported properly by security guard .

✅ As soon as the factory authorities leave the factory, the duty guard will lock the lock on the mains and pocket gates. Gates cannot be opened at night without the permission of the authorities except the inspector of ISS.

✅ On the day of the factory closure, no one can enter without the permission of the superior authority or important person of authority.

✅ In addition to playing the flute of a security guard after 30 minutes of night duty, the other guards will also be careful to play the flute togetherness.

In this way, the factory will seek to carry out its security duties. Above all, the factory authorities will better explain the duties of security guards.