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Private security service companies run this business with their own capital. The profit margin in this business is very small. On top of that, one-third of customers do not pay regular service charges or salaries. Low pay for guards, extra duty, insecure jobs, many companies have no provident fund, social status-hours-salary none of these three are attractive. Due to the fact that the guards do not stay in this job for a long time, the guards have to be changed frequently, new recruits have to be given. This makes customer satisfaction very difficult. Moreover, private security companies are playing an effective role in providing security to individuals and organizations, creating employment for a large population of the country and supporting the police in maintaining law and order.

Private security companies like in developed countries can provide better training, reliable service and good salary to their workforce if they get government facilities and proper patronage. Moreover, an effective integrated security system involving law enforcement agencies and private security companies will help in maintaining law and order in the country and the safety of people and property will be more secure.

Reference: Daily Ittefaq.


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