Mobile Patrol Security

Safeco 24×7 Security Services Limited Mobile Patrol Security

Safeco 24×7 Security Services Limited’s mobile patrol security service is initiated to provide clients with specific needs for, without limitations to:

a) Regular Security Inspections
b) Lockups and Unlocks
c) Premise Bed Downs
d) Staff Escorts
e) Welfare Checks

We cover all types of sites from large multi- dwelling premises including office buildings, factories, schools, rest homes, building sites and storage yards through to smaller retail outlets, and everything else in everything else in- between. Our mobile operation team is all comprehensively trained to discharge clients- specific requirements.

We are able to provide multiple checks on your location/assets areas at any time of the day 24/7 hour.


📱 +880 1724-520101
📱 +880 1915-211142
📱 +880 1733-669187
☎ +880 255050262